heart attack

heart attack
a sudden severe instance of abnormal heart function
Hypernyms: ↑attack, ↑heart failure, ↑coronary failure

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noun, pl ⋯ -tacks [count]
: a sudden painful and dangerous condition in which your heart stops beating properly

Her chest pains turned out to be caused by a minor heart attack.

He died of a massive heart attack.

He fell off the swing and nearly gave me a heart attack. [=scared me very badly]

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ˈheart attack [heart attack] noun
a sudden serious medical condition in which the heart stops working normally, sometimes causing death
Becoming ill
catch a cold/an infectious disease/the flu/(BrE) flu/pneumonia/a virus/(informal) a bug
get (BrE) ill/(NAmE) sick/a disease/AIDS/breast cancer/a cold/the flu/(BrE) flu/a migraine
come down with a cold/the flu/(BrE) flu
contract a deadly disease/a serious illness/HIV/AIDS
be infected with a virus/a parasite/HIV
develop cancer/diabetes/a rash/an ulcer/symptoms of hepatitis
have a heart attack/a stroke
provoke/trigger/produce an allergic reaction
block/burst/rupture a blood vessel
damage/sever a nerve/an artery/a tendon
Being ill
feel (BrE) ill/sick/nauseous/queasy
be running (BrE) a temperature/(NAmE) a fever
have a head cold/diabetes/heart disease/lung cancer/a headache/(BrE) a high temperature/(NAmE) a fever
suffer from asthma/malnutrition/frequent headaches/bouts of depression/a mental disorder
be laid up with/ (BrE) be in bed with a cold/the flu/(BrE) flu/a migraine
nurse a cold/a headache/a hangover
battle/fight cancer/depression/addiction/alcoholism
examine a patient
diagnose a condition/disease/disorder
be diagnosed with cancer/diabetes/schizophrenia
prescribe/be given/be on/take drugs/medicine/medication/pills/painkillers/antibiotics
treat sb for cancer/depression/shock
have/undergo an examination/an operation/surgery/a kidney transplant/therapy/chemotherapy/treatment for cancer
have/be given an injection/(BrE) a flu jab/(NAmE) a flu shot/a blood transfusion/a scan/an X-ray
cure a disease/an ailment/cancer/a headache/a patient
prevent the spread of disease/further outbreaks/damage to the lungs
be vaccinated against the flu/(BrE) flu/the measles/(BrE) measles/polio/smallpox
enhance/boost/confer/build immunity to a disease
Example Bank:

He suffered a fatal heart attack while cycling.

She died of a massive heart attack.

You're going to give me a heart attack one of these days!

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